Nowadays, there are four such journals.
Publishing House HORS LLC publishes international scientific journals.
Among articles published in the scientific journals are those by academicians, Doctors of Sciences and PhDs, researchers, professors and lecturers, young scientists - postgraduates, master's students and undergraduates.

All issues of the journals published are published simultaneously in print and digital form. The publication of an issue on the Internet allows all interested readers to immediately familiarise themselves with the published articles, ensure that scientists publish the results of their dissertation and grant research, organise a lively discussion and receive feedback. This is the most important element in the publication of scientific work, since the approbation of the results obtained and the presentation of the achievements to the scientific community are the main tasks facing every research scientist - both practitioner or theoretician.

All articles are accepted without external review, are checked for unfair borrowing, reviewed by specialists in the relevant branch of science on the principle of incognito (double-blind peer review), as well as double-level proofreading and editorial revision. Translation of information on the author, title, abstract and key words is provided, bibliographical references are adjusted in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 "Bibliographical References. General Requirements and Rules for Compilation".

Prior to publication, all articles are agreed upon with the author. Thus the researcher is able to take a fresh look at the edited and reviewed material and to make corrections if necessary.

All journals have freely accessible dual-language websites (Russian and English) with a full-text archive, allowing both Russian-speaking and international readers to find the information they need and to refer to any article published in the journals for review and citation.

The journals are precisely structured by the sciences in accordance with the Nomenclature of Scientific Specialities. This allows postgraduate degrees seekers to publish their research with a focus on a specific target research audience.

Scientific journals of Publishing House HORS LLC are registered in the leading international databases of scientific journals: eLIBRARY.RU, Crossref, EBSCO. Being represented in international databases increases the scientific level of the journal, makes it recognizable in the foreign scientific environment, and introduces the international scientific community to the current Russian developments and research.

The journals are distributed through the Press of Russia subscription catalogue and the eLIBRARY.RU electronic library (RSCI).

The publishing house's journals adhere in their activities to the Editorial Ethics Guidelines based on the provisions of the Code of Conduct and Best-Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors (Committee on Publication Ethics, 2011), recognised by the world's leading scientific publishers.

All journals are published with a strict periodicity, allowing scientists to touch upon the most topical issues, discuss developing ideas and directions in academia, promptly share their experiences and improve their research.

Director of Publishing House HORS
Ph.D. in Sociology
Viktoria L. Kharseeva graduated from Krasnodar Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in 2002. From 2002 to 2009 she led the editorial board of Society and Law journal. In 2005 she defended her PhD thesis entitled Socially Destructive Role of Youth Drug Addiction in Contemporary Russian Society in the scientific specialty 22.00.04. In 2005 she founded a publishing house HORS LLC and established four peer-reviewed scientific journals: Theory and Practice of Social Development, Society: Politics, Economics, Law, Society: Philosophy, History, Culture, Society: Sociology, Psychology, Pedagogics. The publishing house provides peer review of scientific articles by the country's leading scientists in the humanities. Viktoria Leonidovna has been engaged in publishing scientific journals since 2002.
Viktoria Leonidovna
Chief editors of journals
  • Temyr A. Khagurov
    D.Phil. in Social Science, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Quality of Education - First Vice-Rector of Kuban State University, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences
  • Valeriy A. Petkov
    D.Phil. in Education Science, Professor, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Kuban State University.
  • Gaisa M. Meretukov
    D.Phil. in Juridical Science, Professor, Head of the Criminalistics Department, I.T. Trubilin Kuban State Agrarian University
  • Viktor V. Shalin
    D.Phil., PhD in Education Science, Ph.D. in Pedagogics, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Humanities, Head of the Department of Sociology and Cultural Studies, I.T. Trubilin Kuban State Agrarian University
Editor's choice
A.A. Bezrukova, K.V. Skvortsov
G.F. Zakirova, A.S. Guryanov
G.G. Kozhoridze, D.G. Kozhoridze
V.I. Toprover